Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Since 2007 many Eating Game products have been developed:

1) the original Eating Game, in a 3 ring binder, ready to use is available in English, French and Mi’kmaq

2) the MIY (Make It Yourself) Kit in English, French and Mi’kmaq

3) the Digital Downloadable Edition, available in English and French 

4) the Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner offers the user the same convenient reusable meal planner without the pictures; available in English for ages 4 - 51+ 

5) the Digital format of The Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner 

The Eating Game now has Patent Rights ~
US Patent #8,333,593 B2 granted in Dec 2013
Canadian Patent # 2,612,218 granted in Jan 2014  

To learn more and order the edition that is best for your family go to For further information contact us via email from this website

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


In January 2014 The Eating Game Newsletter began a year of newsletters with a GIVEAWAY every month. In January it was a Success Box . In February it was a series of 5 Video Modeling DVDs In March it was a set of 8 publications from accomplished autism author Mari Nosal

To be entered for all of the 2014 draws just go to and sign up for our monthly newsletter. 

This month, April 2014 we are very pleased to announce that Easy Daysies will offer a wonderful Giveaway, actually two giveaways to be drawn on April 30, 2014! Thanks to Elaine Comeau for this generous contribution and the following guest blog.

The Award Winning Easy Daysies® Daily Schedules help show kids the “shape of the day”.  Use these fun magnets for a single routine, like bed time or after school routine, or plan the whole day! This mom/teacher-created product, made with 70% recycled materials, help children become more co-operative, independent, & less anxious because they feel safe & confident knowing what is happening next! Wonderful for helping kids of any age, and children with special needs, deal with event transitions and anxiety.  Easy Daysies is recommended by name by child psychologists and occupational therapists.  
Easy Daysies 
was created off the kitchen table by parent demand to help their kids at home become more independent, less anxious and more co-operative, making the day easier for all in the family. That is how it got its name, Easy Daysies®! Easy Daysies continues to win multiple awards including: 2014 Teacher Trendsetter Product Award, Mom's Choice Award, 2013 Teachers' Choice Award for Families, 2012 Educational Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy's Top 10 Socially Responsible Toys, and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. 
How to use Easy Daysies:  (
1. Simply select a routine you would like to help your child become more successful or independent at (e.g. morning routine, bedtime, etc.) 
2. Select the magnets (3-6 steps) and place them under the "To Do" column of the Easy Daysies fold & go board.  The images are drawn simple enough for non-readers of any age to confidently understand their day.
3. Show your child the first step needed to be done. Help them accomplish it and then have them move the magnet to the "Done" column.  This movement of the magnet allows them to feel rewarded, like getting a pat on the back.  We want to help our children learn this life skill, that there are things to be done in a day and getting it done is the reward in itself!

Have fun with your family and we wish you many easy daysies days!  

Warmest Regards,                    
Elaine Comeau
Founder / CEO
Easy Daysies Ltd.


Whether you turn on a special light bulb, display an autism ribbon with 
multi colored puzzle pieces or display a colorful rainbow use these symbols
to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of those on the
autism spectrum.

The spectrum of colors represents the spectrum of talents, abilities and beauty of now 1 in 68 children in North America.

Many activities promoted by caring individuals, families, community organizations and support groups will take place over the course of the month. Tomorrow April 2, 2014 is World Autism Awareness Day.

However you celebrate on April 2nd and throughout the month, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE on autism to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism in your family, among friends and in the community - local and global!

I will light it up GOLD on April 2, 2014 with  International Naturally Autistic People Awards, Convention and Festival  and invite you to join their facebook event at 2pm PDT