Thursday, October 2, 2014


This program was developed for an autistic child who named it a "GAME" because it was fun! As a parent, caregiver or teacher, I am sure you have observed how attentive children are when playing games that are fun. Further observation would confirm how much children learn when playing games. 

This "game is no exception. In fact, children like it to be part of their daily routine! They have fun using lots of colorful visual supports - no reading or writing required and no verbal response required either. The focus is on making food choices from the healthy food pictures you present. Your child will plan their meals and snacks for the day that later they will look forward to eating ~ it was their choice remember! They are learning how to make healthy food choices, with your support of course as you are the purchaser right. 

The Eating Game is changing lives ~ kids having fun planning and eating healthy meals and snacks, being in control of the food choices using a structured, highly visual system that creates a predictable eating environment. Parents like the results and there are "no more mealtime battles"! 

Invented in Nova Scotia, Canada for a child with autism but it is being used by many who are not on the spectrum around the globe. 

Imagine the benefits of this "game" for your child and family. What do you think would be the greatest benefit for you?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello, my name is Michelle Buff and I am a Food Consultant with Appetite Solutions specializing in children who have limited appetites. I help parents by teaching them creative ways to get their child to experience new foods; which in turn helps create a healthier diet. 

I am excited to be a part of The Eating Game Advocate newsletter giveaway for the month of October.  I will be giving away a coupon for 70% off my 1-hour phone consultation fee of $100.00.  This means if you are the winner then you receive my 1-hour phone consultation for the reduced rate of just $30.00! Please visit me at

This journey of appetite solutions is not a one time one size fits all gig.  If you are beginning your journey then please remember, "Nothing done well is done once."  It takes many failures to succeed in your child's appetite solutions.  There is no magic wand, potion or a secret treatment.  

Each child is different in their way of processing and objectively going through with a plan of action that involves them undertaking such a whole new way of thinking.  Something new is not allowed in their routine and if it is then it needs to be scrutinized and broken down for entry so to speak.  You know what?  That's perfectly OK!

I mean do we expect our own child/children to except something new in their lives when we ourselves are basically the same way?  The quick answer is "yes." But if we slow down and not only recognize but except this way of thinking then we can begin that journey you have been talking about with experiencing a new food.

Let me break it down for you in a manner that which you will understand.  Not only is your child a literal thinker but he/she also has a brain that is programmed to think a certain way.  It is your job to re-program that way of thinking.  Begin with simple steps so the both of you are comfortable and see success.

Simple steps 

1. Expose the child to the new food in a verbal sense.
2. Keep a food journal
3. Learn about sensory input and output
4. Expose the child to the new food in a sensory      friendly and safe environment

 Remember this.....Nothing done well is done once.

I wish you well in your adventures.

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