Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overweight Kids

What do you do to help your overweight child to be in control of healthier eating habits. Just a few suggestions:

1) consult your doctor for support

2) be POSITIVE as you support you child in a challenging venture

3) engage in family planning meals together; parents can set an example and everyone can be involved in meal planning; ownership is important

4) try other ways to help your child maintain positive self esteem

5) maybe include your child's friend who may be overweight who might also be interested in a healthy plan

Now you need a plan. Have a look at Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners for everyone in your family. Then make it a routine family activity to plan healthy meals together. Everyone is supportive and it goes without saying that everyone can win!
Good luck, let us know how it works out for your family.

Are you in Control?

The main purpose for eating is to maintain good health and have the energy we need to have an active lifestyle. That sounds so simple but it is far from simple for many people. So many factors affect how well we eat; knowledge, finances and time are probably key factors in determining how healthy our diet will be. Perhaps we should include one's ability and desire to prepare food too!

Are you in control of your eating?
Those of us who enjoy eating have to be in control!
Those of us who eat because we are hungry have to be in control!
Those of us who don't eat enough have to be in control!
Those of us who eat too much have to be in control!

There is a National Food Guide to help us make wise choices when planning meals and buying food. We have Canada's Food Guide and our American neighbours have a very similar Food Guide Pyramid.

It definately takes time to plan meals, purchase groceries and prepare meals! The Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners help you with this time factor and ensure that you have a plan that encourages healthy eating. It is based on Canada's Food Guide, so offers in 8 different packages based on age, a planner that guides you to be in control and plan healthy meals.

By going to you can access:
1) a suggested food list, to help you make a wider variety of choices
2) a weekly planning sheet, would could become your grocery list

By using the Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners you will be better able to
1) control calorie consumption, to ensure more or less as needed
2) control food costs to what you plan as necessary for a healthy diet
3) control food wastage by buying only what you need and following the plan!

The package includes a copy of Canada's Food Guide which explains healthy food choices and serving sizes; the knowledge we need to have a good plan! This is a plan that will help us be in control of a healthy diet; to allow us to gain, maintain or lose weight as desired.

Planners are available for 8 age groups from age 4 to 51+ . They do require that one have skills to read and write or have assistance to do so. For those who can not read and write the same goals can be attained using The Eating Game

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dad Bought Meal Planners for Everyone

September 20th was my last day at The Pictou Weekend Market and it was a very good day! I always meet very interesting people at the market and this day was no exception. Today I was to meet a dad with 2 adult sons at home, both with disabilities and both with eating issues. One sometimes didn't eat enough, at least not a variety of healthy foods and the other son ate too much, too frequently between meals.

This dad wanted to know about The Eating Game and The Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners. The Eating Game caught his eye because one son is autistic, but perhaps too old for this. The Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners would be a good thing for both boys, one would maybe choose a wider variety of foods and the second would perhaps be able to restrict eating to the identified 6 meals.

Before he left my booth, he had also purchased a planner for himself and his wife. He thought it would be a good family activity to plan healthy meals together. Of course I agreed wholeheartedly that this sounded like a great idea!

Now we have 8 different Eater's Choice Meal Planners for ages 4 to 51+, so the resources are available for any family to decide to make meal planning a whole family activity. Work out a way to do this that suits your family and empower everyone with the tools to plan healthy meals every day!

Come back to this site and let us all know how you do this in your family and how it works out! Periodically we will have a draw from those who send in a comment with an email address. The prize will be a choice of 4 meal planners that you might give as a gift to a family you care about. Would make a nice gift for this December!

Don't forget to go to to get a list of foods a weekly planning sheet you can print for your own use!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Healthy Fundraising Idea!

Planning on doing some serious fundraising? Think about purchasing Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners at a wholesale price.

Your organization will be raising funds and supporting healthy meal planning which is a concern today for everyone, a large target market for sure:
seniors needing support
adults in supported living programs
families planning meals together
those supporting an overweight child
those supporting an overweight teen
an adult concerned with weight control
Click on the title above to contact us at for more information.

The Eating Game Story

The Eating Game was invented in March 2007 (patents pending in Canada & USA) for Ethan who was 6 years old and is autistic. At the time he was happiest eating just hot dogs and rice! He was very excited the first day he used The Eating Game because had hot dogs and rice for breakfast! - a story I like to tell to illustrate that a key feature of The Eating Game is that the child is in control of the choices! They like that!

The user needs to have only 2 skills:(NOTE: verbal or literacy skills not needed)

• be able to make a choice
• be able to match 4 colors (blue, yellow, green and red)

There are over 200 food pictures in four different food groups and colors: (1 inch pictures, 5 mil laminated card stock with a hook & loop button)

• Milk & Alternatives* - Blue
• Grains* - Yellow
• Fruit & Vegetables - Green
• Meat & Alternatives - Red

* pictures will support alternative choices made by those on CFGF diets or any other dietary restrictions

There are planning charts for each of the age groups in Canada's Food Guide: five are included in the book (2-3, 4-8, 9-13, females 14-18, males 14-18) but there are also 4 more that are available if needed(females 19-50 & 51+, males 19-5 & 51+). It is being used in some group homes and by folks in assisted living programs. The charts are also 5 mil laminated card stock with hook & loop buttons to accept the food pictures. There are storage pages to put the pictures on that the parent chooses to present to the child.

Initially the parent chooses the food pictures to present based on:

• foods the child can eat (special dietary considerations)
• foods the child has eaten in their lifetime
• foods available at the time
• foods the parent chooses!

Once the pictures are presented for the child's choice, it has to be totally their choice. They must choose pictures to match the colored squares on their planning chart. Once they have done this they have chosen to eat the foods recommended by Canada's Food Guide** for their age group. They can later be exchanged but the new choice must be the same color.
NOTE: The choice Ethan made of hot dogs & rice for breakfast only happened once, because then he realized he couldn't have it for lunch or supper! However, he was pretty excited to be able to make that choice which also convinced him he was in control!

** There are some pictures that Canada's Food Guide might not recommend, like chocolate cake with the "grains pics" but I felt they needed to be included. The reality is that these foods will be eaten and perhaps not all that bad a choice when made in moderation (and the parent is really in control of what is presented!) If a child who is a poor eater can start eating most of what Canada's Food Guide recommends then maybe they deserve a treat too!The cake or other choice could also be used as a reinforcer to enhance motivation!

Ethan was eating over 200 new foods in 15 months and he still (after 29 months) uses The Eating Game although is eating almost everything! Being able to make the choices and being in control is important. This makes mealtime very predictable and the visual supports are a great communication tool! Meals are no longer a surprise - pretty significant for a lot of kids with ASD!

NOTE: The Eating Game now has Patent Rights ~ US Patent #8,333,593 B2
          and Canadian Patent # 2,612,218