Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New MIY Eating Game Kit

PLEASE NOTE: For the month of September 2011 $15 from the sale of each MIY Kit will be donated to Ayn's Freedom Fund

This is the same EATING GAME that is making a difference for many picky eaters and children with autism. It is just in a MIY (Make It Yourself) kit format that you assemble yourself, allowing us to pass on a considerable savings to you.

This kit will give you all the materials you need to make your own Eating Game:

5 Daily Planning Charts
4 Pages of Food Pictures
4 Ziplock Bags for Picture Storage
Hook & Loop Fastener
2 Food Picture Storage Pages
Information Booklet
We will include instructions for you re putting all materials together.

To see pictures and get more info go to

ORDER NOW at When you order your kit please contact me to let me know that you would like me to make the $15 donation on your behalf. THANK YOU!


  1. Jean, there is a store in my area that carries educational toys and other products which apparently caters a lot to teachers - we also have a strong population of children with "special needs", which ofcourse includes children with ASD. Would it be helpful to give you the store's information?

  2. Sure, that would be great. I will follow up on any opportunity to share about The Eating game. Thanks!