Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fuel Up Your Kids To Be Winners!

I remember an interesting discussion with kids about eating a good breakfast. They understood when we made the comparison of fuelling up your car when it is on empty. We all understand that energy needed for a car comes from gas, the better the grade the better the mileage, performance and car maintenance.

So it is with a healthy breakfast, refueling our bodies after a lengthy period of fasting – we need to break the fast! The healthier the food, the better the energy, performance and health. This analogy can be extended to relate to planning our diet in general – and of course in the planning of dietary provisions for our children. I believe all parents want what is best for their child:

•the best of healthly growth and development: physical, intellectual and emotional
•the best of energy to actively participate in the day’s activity
•performance that will allow them to become their personal best

As parents you want your child to be healthy and happy, able to enjoy all the opportunities and activities life has to offer them. A child will only be as healthy as their diet is. It is the variety and amount of all nutrients supplied by a healthy diet every day that enables and promotes healthy growth for all body cells, organs and tissues.

A healthy diet, a right for all children should do more than just satisfy hunger. A healthy, balanced diet will optimize their opportunities for:

•mental alertness, intellectual development and learning
•physical growth and strength
•prevention of nutritional deficiencies that can lead to serious health issues
•good weight management
•prevention of the emotional stress of being overweight
•strong teeth and better oral health
•strong, healthy bones, preventing disease in later life
•healthier immune system
•better general health, less illness and infection
•establishing healthy eating habits for life; to prevent illness and disease

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