Monday, January 20, 2014


You may be the winner in our January 31/14 Draw but only if you enter of course!
The winner will get a Success Box for the storage of your visual support images. To learn more about this awesome storage box go to . You will also win 100 Boardmakerimages ( 1 or 1.5 inches) of your choice and an assortment of boards with velcro strips for communication and/or schedules.
The winning will continue as you receive our regular Eating Game Newsletter. The plan is to provide you with current information that may help you with the eating challenges you and your child face:
  • recent research findings
  • information about special dietary considerations
  • ideas for motivating food presentations
  • recipes and more
We will always welcome any suggestions or needs you might have that we can address.

So sign up today for our newsletter to have your email address entered into our draw on Jan 31/14. Oh and we will have a draw for something different the last gay of each month throughout 2014! the newsletters will have future draw information. Clicking on the link with the image at the top will take you to the sign up. Good luck!

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