Thursday, October 2, 2014


This program was developed for an autistic child who named it a "GAME" because it was fun! As a parent, caregiver or teacher, I am sure you have observed how attentive children are when playing games that are fun. Further observation would confirm how much children learn when playing games. 

This "game is no exception. In fact, children like it to be part of their daily routine! They have fun using lots of colorful visual supports - no reading or writing required and no verbal response required either. The focus is on making food choices from the healthy food pictures you present. Your child will plan their meals and snacks for the day that later they will look forward to eating ~ it was their choice remember! They are learning how to make healthy food choices, with your support of course as you are the purchaser right. 

The Eating Game is changing lives ~ kids having fun planning and eating healthy meals and snacks, being in control of the food choices using a structured, highly visual system that creates a predictable eating environment. Parents like the results and there are "no more mealtime battles"! 

Invented in Nova Scotia, Canada for a child with autism but it is being used by many who are not on the spectrum around the globe. 

Imagine the benefits of this "game" for your child and family. What do you think would be the greatest benefit for you?

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