Monday, July 6, 2009

NEW ! Eater's Choice for Children

In response to requests, we have created Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners for Children. We will now add two more packages to this line of products: Children ages 4 - 8 years and Children ages 9 - 13 years.

Many children with autism respond very positively to visual supports and as Temple Grandin has explained so well, many think in pictures! So The Eating Game is a solution that will support these children in developing much healthier eating habits.

Now, for many children with autism (and those without autism of all ages!) visual supports can be needed and valuable but can be written words rather than pictures. So now the Eater`s Choice line of products will be an excellent tool for them to improve their eating habits!

It is always helpful when developing new products to get feedback from others - Thanks to those of you who contact us with comments and or requests. We also appreciate any testimonials that come our way and of course a picture to support your words would be great too! Let`s us know how we are doing.

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