Monday, August 10, 2009

Plan Healthy Meals

COMMENT below with a contact email address, tell me about a special project you are doing with a group of teens and I may be able to give you a special price on an order!

The Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planner is an affordable and easy to use product to help anyone plan healthy meals every day! For just $10 you will get a planner for your age group( based on Canada's Food Guide recommendations), a copy of Canada's Food Guide and a dry erasable pen. This planner is reusable, to be used every day!

There is not much we can buy for $10 and it could be the beginning of a lifetime of healthy eating - a healthier you! Maybe you can think of lots of folks you would like to wish "Be Healthy". This would make a great gift for anyone in the following age groups:(separate planner for each age group)

- 4 to 8 years (those who are reading and printing)
- 9 to 13 years
- Females 14 to 18 years
- Males 14 to 18 years
- Females 19 - 50 years
- Males 19 tp 50 years
- Females 51+ years
- Males 51+ years

Think of all the occasions to give this planner as a gift!Would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone and everyone! It would be great to give one to each member of the family so all could plan meals together.

What a great teaching tool for children, learning young for a lifetime! For children with disabilities who would need a plan with pictures to place on a chart there is a product for them too called The Eating Game. Many children, now internationally, are eating healthier planning healthy meals themselves every day! They are having fun doing it too! In some families the children are using The Eating Game together - imagine they are working cooperatively planning healthy meals! A great family gift from mom & dad, grandparents, godparents, friends, aunts & uncles!

NOTE: for info re The Eating Game go to
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