Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Story About a Dad and His Son

I just read an amazing article. A beautiful, honest story about a father and his son who is autistic. What drew me to this article was the writer's statement that he felt everyone would benefit from having an autistic child in their family. I would extend that, for those without a family, to say that we would all benefit from having a relationship with a child, and adult too, who is on the autism spectrum.

My 25 years of relationships with persons with ASD brings me to concur with the author about all persons with autism being unique but sharing similarities in difficulties with communication and social skills. For me communication is the key issue. I would add to that a healthy diet.

I appreciated the author's feelings re "cure"and "regret" as related parenting a child with autism. Not the usual answers of "I wish he wasn't autistic" or "I wouldn't change a thing".

Take a few minutes and read the article by by clicking on the title of this blog.

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