Friday, October 9, 2009

Supporting a Senior

Are you supporting a senior family member or friend? Comment and share with readers what you do to help them with planning and eating healthy meals.

Perhaps you help them with grocery shopping to make sure they have a good choice of healthy foods to prepare and eat.

You can't be there at mealtime and you often wonder if they are eating well or at all.

When it is time to shop you find that much of the food you bought last week is still there.

Maybe they are forgetting to prepare meals or can't think of what to prepare.

An Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planner would help them to sit down each day to plan meals. It helps to focus by writing the plan down and then they are more apt to remember. When meal time comes around they already have a plan to follow.

The meal planner can also be a great help in planning how many servings of food groups are needed when shopping for the week. A list of foods might encourage a wider variety of choice and a weekly planner can become a grocery list. Both can be found at Give it a try! Click on the title above to order today!

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