Saturday, March 1, 2014


Have you looked at The Eating Game and wondered if it would be beneficial for your family? Yes, I meant to say "family" as it would be a family commitment if you want your child use it to improve their eating choices. Before your child even sees The Eating Game you as a parent/caregiver, therapist or teacher you must become very familiar with it.
The hope is that The Eating Game will be successful but realize this is likely an investment for the long term. Two year olds can use The Eating Game and use it up until 18 years of age; many will and that can be a good thing! You will play a part in its use everyday but as they use it more independently your time commitment will lessen. Someone has to select the foods (from 200+ pictures) to present to the user for daily choices.


These choices will be based on how many servings of foods your child needs for the day, based on the chart for their age group. There are 5 charts to choose from and with request we can supply charts for ages 19 - 51+ instead of the younger ages.

The greatest benefits will be realized if The Eating Game can become a daily routine. Choose a time every day when you can plan all meals and snacks for a full day. A time many families find very convenient is when their child is having a bedtime snack. If you choose this snack time the routine can take place anywhere (home, cottage, Gramma's) and at whatever the appropriate time is for that particular day.

You present the foods your child will use to plan their meals. Start with foods they are eating now or have eaten in their lifetime. Once it is an established routine then you can decide on the best time and strategy to slowly introduce new foods.

Once your child understands how to use The Eating Game, which is very simple, they will be able to use it independently after you present the pictures for choice. The latter can be done at any time, ahead of time.

Many families are finding the whole family can benefit! The "cook" can prepare 1 meal for everyone instead of running a restaurant.
If you have specific questions prior to purchasing you Eating Game, consultation with Jean Nicol, the inventor, is part of the package. She is also available for consultation following your purchase. She can be contacted via the website at

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