Tuesday, August 12, 2014


BananaBoy is a superhero created to battle the rising statistics of obesity in Canada and along the way has met some other superheros, real ones.

Teaming up with Jean Nicol and The Eating Game was a great decision for both of us. BananaBoy's crusade to teach kids the importance of eating healthy foods aligns with The Eating Game's focus on balance and moderation. Together we are making a difference in our province of Nova Scotia and beyond.

A food revolution is happening everywhere and people are noticing. Different people are using their talents and passions to make a difference in many communities which is amazing to see. This month, in partnership with The Eating Game, I am giving away a signed copy of Sending You Sammy to one lucky newsletter subscriber.

You'll enjoy telling your kids about BananaBoy and his friends and love their excitement for choosing healthier foods from The Eating Game menu for every meal.

Notice a difference when you encourage healthy choices.

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Sarah Butland

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