Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Every month since January 2014 The Eating Game Advocate, our free monthly newsletter, has had a draw for a different giveaway.

January the Giveaway was a Success Box  

In February the Giveaway was a set of Video Modelling DVDs

In March Mari Nosal gave away a set of her autism publications

In April Easy Daysies gave away 2 Gift Certificates

In May the Giveaway was discount gift certificates for subscription boxes

In June The Kitchen Classroom gaveaway 2 cookbooks

In July EYECAN CREATIONS Publications gave away an Eating Game

In August we gave away an autographed copy of Sending You Sammy

This month we will giveaway a publication from The Autism Food Club

With these monthly Giveaways we are hoping to increase the number of subscribers to the Eating Game Advocate, a free monthly newsletter delivered to your email address. It is easy to sign up to be a subscriber at on facebook or on our website at

The newsletter includes information about eating disorders and challenges, ideas to improve your child's diet, info about The Eating Game, recipes and fun food ideas, resources, book reviews and more.

On this blogs page to the right you will find links to websites for all our past giveaway sponsors. Please consider being a blog follower/member.

If you have any ideas/suggestions for future monthly giveaways or newsletter topics please leave a comment.

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