Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you in Control?

The main purpose for eating is to maintain good health and have the energy we need to have an active lifestyle. That sounds so simple but it is far from simple for many people. So many factors affect how well we eat; knowledge, finances and time are probably key factors in determining how healthy our diet will be. Perhaps we should include one's ability and desire to prepare food too!

Are you in control of your eating?
Those of us who enjoy eating have to be in control!
Those of us who eat because we are hungry have to be in control!
Those of us who don't eat enough have to be in control!
Those of us who eat too much have to be in control!

There is a National Food Guide to help us make wise choices when planning meals and buying food. We have Canada's Food Guide and our American neighbours have a very similar Food Guide Pyramid.

It definately takes time to plan meals, purchase groceries and prepare meals! The Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners help you with this time factor and ensure that you have a plan that encourages healthy eating. It is based on Canada's Food Guide, so offers in 8 different packages based on age, a planner that guides you to be in control and plan healthy meals.

By going to you can access:
1) a suggested food list, to help you make a wider variety of choices
2) a weekly planning sheet, would could become your grocery list

By using the Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners you will be better able to
1) control calorie consumption, to ensure more or less as needed
2) control food costs to what you plan as necessary for a healthy diet
3) control food wastage by buying only what you need and following the plan!

The package includes a copy of Canada's Food Guide which explains healthy food choices and serving sizes; the knowledge we need to have a good plan! This is a plan that will help us be in control of a healthy diet; to allow us to gain, maintain or lose weight as desired.

Planners are available for 8 age groups from age 4 to 51+ . They do require that one have skills to read and write or have assistance to do so. For those who can not read and write the same goals can be attained using The Eating Game

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