Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overweight Kids

What do you do to help your overweight child to be in control of healthier eating habits. Just a few suggestions:

1) consult your doctor for support

2) be POSITIVE as you support you child in a challenging venture

3) engage in family planning meals together; parents can set an example and everyone can be involved in meal planning; ownership is important

4) try other ways to help your child maintain positive self esteem

5) maybe include your child's friend who may be overweight who might also be interested in a healthy plan

Now you need a plan. Have a look at Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners for everyone in your family. Then make it a routine family activity to plan healthy meals together. Everyone is supportive and it goes without saying that everyone can win!
Good luck, let us know how it works out for your family.

1 comment:

  1. Great thoughts! Parents can also pack lunches for their kids. Ycebox, invented by a Mom, Ycebox is sensibly designed for versatility with a conscious effort toward reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. With 5 adjustable compartments and a protein/sandwich area you can serve everything from sandwiches to soup, apples to applesauce. Ycebox will be available 2010. website: coming soon.